About Jim Anderson
Chicago Real Estate Expert




An experienced real estate broker with over 30 years experience in residential real estate, Jim focuses on building long term relationships based sharing his passion, market knowledge, and real estate skills to get you to that next level of success, no matter where you are in the process right now. When asked how does Jim distinguishes himself, his clients have said it best:

"Jim is genuine and down to earth.  It feels like he is part of my family."

Most importantly, he offers clients seasoned knowledge, an intimate understanding of the neighborhoods, and top-notch guidance from start to finish, ensuring the entire process is seamless, efficient and rewarding. Thanks to exceptionally loyal clientele, personal referrals, and repeat business Jim only takes on a set number of clients at any given time to ensure top service is provided.

Born and raised in Chicago and a long time resident of Andersonville, Jim knows the city like the back of his hand. With more than 27 years of experience, The Chicago Association of Realtors and RE/MAX International have recognized him as an award-winning, top Real Estate Agent in Chicago.

Although Chicago’s Andersonville neighborhood is home, Jim is no stranger to the world outside and has previously lived in Milan, Santa Monica, and travelled dozens of times to Santo Domingo that now, it too, feels like home.

For fun, Jim loves to travel and has been to over 30 countries and speaks Spanish and some Italian.



Master of Business Administration, Loyola University of Chicago

Masters of Arts in Psychology, University of Santa Monica


RE/MAX Hall of Fame - over 1M commissions earned

RE/MAX Pioneer Award - RE/MAX Industry pioneer with over 25 years experience

Multiple High-Volume Sales Awards, Chicago Association of Realtors

Top Niche Marketer, National Association of Realtors


Over 27 years selling residential real estate in Chicago

Illinois Licensed Real Estate Managing Broker

Accomplished Digital Online Marketer


ePro - National Association of Realtors Online Digital Marketer

PSA - National Association of Realtors Pricing Strategy Advisor


English - native language

Spanish - second language

Italian - some fluency




Personal Interests

Travel - traveling in magical!  it transports us into another experience in the same lifetime and how cool is that? So far I have been to England, Ireland, Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, Peru, Thailand, Japan, Russia, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Latvia, and Estonia.

Food & Culture - I love to cook and even more to eat the foods of the world, especially from other cultures.

Personal Development - learning, growing, and changing are passions in my life.


5 Things I Don't Want You to Know About Me

  1. My mom and dad taught me that I could do anything.
  2. My favorite phrase is, "Can you be more than ...?"
  3. I am a certified Co-Active Professional Life Coach
  4. I like things to be "just right."
  5. I believe we are spiritual being having a human experience.




About Maximo Almonte
Chicago Real Estate Expert




A seasoned residential sales advisor with over 15 years experience in residential real estate, Maximo focuses on client satisfaction and building long term relationships based on commitment and trust.

"Thanks to my Mom,
I learned the importance of being able to see life from someone else's shoes."

Born and raised in a small town in the Caribbean where Columbus discovered America, Maximo grew up in a multi-cultural environment with strong old world values. While working in the family grocery store at a young age, his mom taught him the value of hard work and honesty while his dad, a butcher, taught him to be responsible and determined in life.

By aligning himself with RE/MAX, the world leader in residential real estate, Maximo is now positioned to provide his clients with the highest level of real estate services available with warmth and liveliness that only someone from an island in the Caribbean can provide.

Maximo is fluent in Spanish and English, passionate about life, and loves traveling and learning about foods and culture.



Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration, Universidad Nacional Pedro Henríquez Ureña


Agent of the Year 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 Coldwell Banker Dominicana

Top Agent in Dominican Republic

Diamond Society Coldwell Banker

Sterling Society Coldwell Banker


Over 15 years selling residential real estate with buyers and sellers

Illinois Licensed Real Estate Broker


Tecnicas de Ventas y Negociacion - Pontificia Universidad Catolica Madre y Maestra

Servicio al Cliente - Asociacion de Empresas Immobiliarias


Spanish - native language

English - second language

Italian - learn some growing up




Personal Interests

Travel - I love to travel and have been to Spain, France, Switzerland, Chile, Haiti, Dominican Republic, and 8 of the United States

5 Star Michelin Chef - not really, just kidding, but I really love to cook

Eating - I could eat just about everything in sight

Exercising - But only because I want to look good and eat more


5 Things I Don't Want You to Know About Me

  1. I am more spiritual than religious
  2. "You never know ..."  is my favorite phrase
  3. I never give up, no matter what!  (it's a Dominican thing :-)
  4. I am emphatic -  really empathic!
  5. I love to "binge watch" a good TV series




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